Kyle was born August 30, 1986 to D.C. and Angela Taylor Tingen. He left this life to become an angel on October 12, 2002.
Kyle was the youngest of our sons. He always looked up to his older brothers, Kendall and Cameron. Cam was 22 months older than Kyle. Even though they had their childhood "fights" they had grown to be very close before Kyle's death. Kyle also has a niece and nephew, Christopher and Catlyn. He truly adored Catlyn. He had the patience of "Job". It didn't matter what age person he was around he always had a way of adjusting. He never saw the bad in anybody or anything, only the good. He loved having pets more than anybody.
 We had dogs, some bought and some picked up from the side of the road, birds, fish, hamsters, hermit crabs, newts. I had to draw the line when he wanted the snakes, spiders and monkeys. He cared for them with the love and patience only Kyle could give.  He was definitely blessed by God.
One October 11, 2002, Kyle was on his way home from work when his accident happened. Kyle always called me to let me know when he was leaving work or school so I wouldn't worry. He was scheduled to get off work at 11:00 and when he hadn't called or gotten home by 11:20 I called his job (Food Lion). I was told by his supervisor that he had volunteered to work overtime as they had some extra work that needed to be done. At 11:48 pm he called. He told me he had worked over and was on the way home. It had been such a bad rainy day that day he had driven my Explorer, I thought it would be safer than his Camaro. I told him "Kyle its bad out there, please drive slow and be careful and I love you." He being the young man he was he said "yeah ok mama." I waited for him to come home and at 12:10 when he wasn't home I called his cell phone. No answer. A mama knows when something is wrong and I knew. I tried calling him again and still no answer. I was pacing the floor by then and had prayed to God to watch over my Kyle. At 12:30 a car pulled into my driveway and blew the horn. When I went to the door it was a couple who live in my neighborhood. They asked if I was Angela Tingen and if my son was driving a Ford Explorer. I said yes and they told me he had been involved in an accident at the crossroad below our house. I woke my husband up to come and I left with the couple and went to the accident scene. When I got there the paramedics were working on him and I couldn't get close to him. I was told by the state trooper to go to the hospital and wait, Kyle would be there shortly. My husband had arrived by that time and we left for the hospital. He was transported to the local medical center and then transferred to Duke Hospital with a closed head injury. When we got there we were told his brain injury was so severe there was nothing that could be done. He was placed in the pediatric maximum care unit. The outpouring of family and friends was truly a tribute to how well loved Kyle was. I don't think we could have made it through that awful day without their support.  Even though Kyle never regained consciousness we stayed with him all day. I know he knew we were there and could hear everything we said.  After a long day of tests and waiting he was pronounced 100% brain dead around 4:00 pm 10-12-02 and was taken off life support.

Kyle was 100% boy. He loved his childhood. I can truly say he had a great life and experienced many things. He loved playing basketball with the boys in the neighborhood, baseball and video games. He loved riding the jet ski and boat. He liked to ski, knee board and ride the tube. He had been white water rafting and snow skiing. His greatest passion thought was his 4 wheeler. On his 15th birthday his daddy took him to the local motorcycle dealership and told Kyle to pick out anything he wanted. You should have seen his face and the look of surprise and excitement. He chose a Yamaha Blaster which he loved. It was his main mode of transportation from home to his friends homes in the neighborhood.

Kyle loved hunting and fishing. He had the right touch. Usually he would catch more fish that anyone else.

Kyle was my most eccentric child. He always tried to shock us with things he wanted, like bleach blonde hair, green spiked hair,  tattoos or rings through parts of the body. Not that he got them but he sure wore out asking!

Kyle had many friends but one that was very important to him was Keith Horton. Keith and his sister, Brittany, were like brother and sister to Kyle. He was fortunate to have become a part of their family. The Horton's treated Kyle like a "son". He spent a lot of time with them and their love, support and guidance had a big impact on Kyle's life. Wilbert, Keith's father, is the pastor of Bible Baptist Church. It was Diane, Keith's mother, that led Kyle to Christ. She taught the Sunday School class Kyle attended. On October 29, 2000 Kyle accepted Christ as his Savior.